Sunday, August 30, 2015

Watertown, NY

 I made it to New York!! The trip here was quiet the adventure. We were told to be at the travel office that morning at 3:30. We though we had set the alarm, but we woke up to some security guards knocking on the door. We jumped out of bed and they told us that it was already 4:15.  We basically freaked out and changed in like five minutes. It seriously took us like 20 minutes just to get all of our luggage from our residence all the way across the mtc campus to the travel office. You should have seen us (me, Sister Gneiting and Sister Searle), we looked crazy! We were super late so instead of taking the bus like everyone else, we had a van drive us to the airport. Luckily we didn't miss our flight and we had just enough time to brush our teeth and do our make up. It was about a three hour flight to Detroit with an hour layover, then another hour to Syracuse. When we got off the plane we met our Mission President and his wife. They super sweet! Then President Rogers told us that not all of our bags had made it on the flight. Well guess what, both of my bags were still in Detroit. So I had to be an outfit repeater, but without washing them and back to back. They sent them over night and I got them later the next day. 
     My new companion is Sister Munoz! We will be in Watertown together for the next 12 weeks! We cover a lot of areas outside of Watertown too. We get to drive a car, since we cover a such a large area. It's super green and pretty here. The weather has pretty much been perfect the past couple of days. The people here are kinda strange haha. We've been meeting with a couple of people who have just recently joined the church. We've also been meeting with some families who kinda stop coming to church for a long time but have decided to start come back. We are teaching a girl named Victoria, she is ten years old and is going to baptized on the 13th of September. She has been taught by a lot of missionaries before, so we are just helping her get ready and be prepared for her baptism. We are teach a few other people too, but I don't know a lot about them because I've only been here for a couple days.
     The other day we were just going door to door trying to find some people that might interested in learning more about the church. We knocked on a door and gut about twenty opens it and instantly I could just smell weed. We talked to him anyways and he was pretty cool about what we had to say. We got to know a little bit and he listened to what we believed and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he probably wasn't ever going to read it, we were just glad that he was honest with us. He had our number so we told him that he had any questions or wanted to learn to text us. So we left and we talking about it and I was explaining to Sister Munoz that he was probably definitely high, because she said she didn't know what pot smelled like. Then we got a text and it was from this guy we just talked to and it said: "Is it a sin to smoke weed". We just died laughing! We told him that if he wanted to learn the we could meet with him. I'll let you all know if it goes anywhere, but we both feel pretty hopeful about it for some reason. 
     The members the church here are super nice! We get fed dinner every night lol. It's honestly a little weird being out in public with a missionary tag on. A lot people give us strange looks or even are little mean. A couple of days ago we went to Sackets Harbor (the cutest little town). We were looking for this girl who had seen the past missionaries and explained to them that she used to be a member of the church but wasn't anymore. Of course we wanted to find her again and hopefully help her to come back to church. So we go into the boutique that she works at and ask the lady if she was there. Apparently it was her boss and she doesn't like it when people come to visit her employees at work. We tried to explain to her that were just simply going to hi and that's it. Well this lady could not have been any more rude. She basically made us feel like crap and tried to tell us that as missionaries we couldn't be in her store. It just made me really mad, but I shut my mouth and let Sister Munoz do all the talking. Sister Munoz was so nice and tried to calm this lady down. We left and we were walking down the sidewalk just talking about how mean this lady had been and Sister Munoz just starts crying. I didn't know what to do, but I did my best at trying to make her feel better. The rest of the day Sister Munoz was pretty bummed out. But then are other times, like today, when people are so nice to the missionaries. We were grocery shopping at Walmart earlier and this lady just stops us and gives us both big hugs. She was visiting from Canada and had just joined the church not that long ago. 
I love being a missionary though!   
If anyone wants to send some me some music that would be awesome lol. We only have one cd in the car and I think I might go insane if I have to listen to those same songs again. It has to be missionary approved music though, so like hymns or even instrumental music. 
The house that we live in super cute too!!

Well I miss and love you all!! <3
Love Sister Walker

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I've Survived!

Hey Everyone!

    The missionary training center, MTC, is great! The weather in Utah is so nice! I have met so many new people and I am learning and growing a ton! I am getting used to always being with a companion and never being alone, except for the bathroom (missionary rule). My companion is Sister Gneiting and we get along great! She is from Utah, most people here are, and she went to Utah State. She is majoring in vocal performance, she is awesome at singing! She is a super hard worker and is so sweet! I love my district too! We all get along great and have a lot of fun together. I get up every morning at 6am and we are constantly busy until we go to bed at 10:30. We spend a lot time the classroom studying. We have already taught three lessons. Most of the time we won't know if the person we are teaching is actual person who want to learn more or if it's someone role-playing. Our first investigator, Lianna, is the real deal though. Our second one, Poasi, not so much. From his name you would probably guess that he is Polynesian guy, but it's actually a white guy just acting lol.    I do have to say that I am so sad that I didn't have more emails to read today! Please email or write letters, I would seriously mean so much to me! You can also checkout You  can type your letter on there send it to my MTC address and they print them off every day. So I can read them the same day that you send them! They split us up into districts here and sister Gneiting and I are the only sister missionaries in our districts so we have to keep the elders from being too crazy when the teacher is gone from the classroom. We have fun though, which is a nice break from constantly studying! I miss you all so much, but I am loving it here!

And if you were wondering we will be leaving for New York next Tuesday Morning!! 


Love, Sister Walker 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aaaaand She's Off!

Tylissa arrived at the MTC yesterday! We miss her so much already but are so happy for and proud of her.

Here are some pictures of her arrival at the MTC!